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"I was so pleased to find your web site that enabled me to give something meaningful.  Flowers are beautiful, but last only days.  Music lives on like the spirit & gives peace to the soul.”

K. Johnson,  Lakewood, CA

"The Quiet Heart refreshes my spirit like a spring rain.  Daily listening brings me comfort and strength."

D. Edwards,  Denver, CO

 "Your music is the best I have found - very comforting and uplifting!"

B. Strike, Strike Funeral Homes, Cambridge, MN

“I love what you have done with music and appreciate your ability to bring a positive note into the lives of people during uncertain times.  Thank you so very much for this service!"

C. Wineman,  Phoenix, AZ

"In this very hectic life we all need quiet times and your beautiful music says it all."

S. Medema   Orland Park, IL

"For several years now, our Palliative Care program has been playing your music.  Many patients and families have been comforted by your peaceful, flowing piano music. It eases their pain and relaxes their spirits."

T. Drefs, Medicine Hat, Alberta

“We play ‘The Quiet Heart’ on our hospital's closed circuit patient TV system. The purpose is to create a quiet healing environment in each patient’s room. Henry Wiens’ solo piano music lifts the spirit, calms the soul, and relaxes the patient, thus quickening their healing.”

T. Hein, Maplewood, MN

“My late husband loved piano music and found your quiet CDs to be very soothing during the weeks of his final illness.”

F. B. Moodie, Plymouth, MN


"Thank you Henry for quick delivery, great customer service and - of course - the heavenly music!”

K. Morgan, MSW   Sioux Falls, SD

  "My 15 yr old daughter listened to 'The Quiet Heart' for 48 hours straight after her nine hour, spinal fusion surgery. It was the only thing that helped her deal with the intense pain, and enabled her at last to sleep."

Mrs. S. Gray, Worthington, OH

 "For more than a decade, Henry Wiens' music has brought comfort to the bereaved in our church and community. In times of loss his music soothes the heart and comforts those who are grieving. We appreciate this valuable resource and will continue to share his gift of music."

Dr. J. Thomas Branson, First Baptist Church, Hanson, KY

  "I have loved Henry Wiens’ music since the first time I heard it several years ago. It has a soothing, comforting quality, and is inspirational and uplifting at the same time. The response from those receiving gifts of his music has been unanimous in their gratitude and appreciation.  Comments have been:  'What a beautiful gift you chose.'  'I was deeply touched…'  'As I write this I’m alternating between floating and crying.'  Everyone has been moved by Henry’s beautiful music."

J. Alcott, Mounds View, MN

 "I have always appreciated Henry's talent and touch on the keyboard. His recordings never fail to move me.”

N. Stavem, Northwestern Radio Network,  St. Paul, MN

"You play as if there's not another living soul around.  Thank you for sharing this incredible gift.”

J. Hamilton  Auburn, CA

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