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In Memory of John R. Smith

"Loved ones' lives are like a song...every note rare and precious."

This page has been created to honor the memory and celebrate the life of the late John Smith.

You may want to share memories or condolences or simply reflect on his life while listening to peaceful music. This is a time and a place to remember John.

Please select music from the album below, as desired. The song "Canon in D" is especially dedicated to Dad's memory.

"Where words speaks."

Remembering John

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This memorial tribute has been provided by Bob and Carol Anderson.

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3 years ago

I’ve always loved Dad’s strong hugs and how he would give me a (scratchy!) kiss on the cheek when we came to visit. And how he always wanted to make sure we got plenty of whatever favorite dish Mom had prepared for lunch or dinner. And how he always stood outside smiling and waving goodbye as we backed out of his driveway. I miss him so much.

3 years ago

I’ll always remember our summer vacations up north at the family cabin. It seemed no matter how early I stumbled into the kitchen for my morning coffee, Dad would already be out on the dock fishing for bluegills or maybe something bigger 🙂 I would join him and he’d tell his favorite stories – especially in later years. Many times I’d heard them before, but that didn’t matter. I’d love to hear him tell them again.