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Home of the Sympathy Plus™ Card

When someone we care about loses a loved one, we often wish we could do something more. Sharing Comfort has developed something unique that enables us to send more than “thoughts and prayers”, not to say that these aren’t tearfully treasured.


What is a Sympathy Plus™ Card?

It’s a sympathy card with added online gifts: hours of soothing music by professional musician and keyboard artist, Henry Wiens, whose musical aesthetic has been profoundly comforting to listeners across America. Then, when the grieving are ready to go deeper, a generous online suite of professionally produced grief support videos will guide them in their journey of loss and healing. All this for no more than the retail price of many sympathy cards sold in stores.

What does the blue “You Are Invited” card do?

A blue invitation card will be inserted in each card you order: It is your recipient's ticket to access the music and grief resources that make the Sympathy Plus™ card so valuable.

How will my recipient use the “You Are Invited” card?

Access to the music and grief resources is easy: Simply type in the website on the card or scan the QR code and get browsing! These songs and resources will always be there for them.

I see some religious references on the website. What if my recipient is not religious?

There are 2 versions of the blue cards that invite recipients to 2 different webpages. Our religious option is A secular alternative is available at Feel free to check out both options.

When you place an order, you’ll be prompted to choose the version you prefer. You can also request a mix (i.e. 5 + 7) by adding a comment in Order Notes during the checkout process.

I want to order sympathy cards, but I’m not sure about including the online piece for everyone.

If you wish, you can simply remove the blue invitation card before sending. However, we believe most people will appreciate these thoughtful, resource rich cards. For anyone who uses the internet, both music and videos are a breeze to access.

I don’t need sympathy cards, but I want to share the online resources.

1) The blue “You Are Invited” cards are available separately on a donation basis. Select “Invitations” from the menu for details. 2) Personalized URLs and licensing agreements are also available with or without the printed invitations. For more info, contact Henry at 1-612-868-7166 or email:

Please visit to order. Quantity discounts are automatically applied during checkout – details online. Or order by phone: 1-800-252-5954 or 1-612-868-7166 (texts welcome).

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