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In Memory of Tatiana Wiens-Noyes

"Loved pets' lives are like a song...every note rare and precious."

This page has been created to celebrate the life of a beloved kitty, Tatiana Wiens-Noyes

You may want to share memories or simply reflect on Tatiana's life while listening to peaceful music. This is a time and a place to remember her.

Please select music from the album below, as desired.

"Where words speaks."


Remembering Tatiana


This memorial tribute has been provided by Stephanie Wiens-Noyes.

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Carolyn Kuhfuss
2 years ago

Tati! I got the privilege of meeting you as a tiny kitty, back when you would let other people (than Stephanie) hold you and come near you. You remained very pretty and cute, but would never let me touch you again after that visit. You brought my sister joy and companionship and I’m grateful for your life.

Stephanie Noyes
2 years ago

Dear Tati, It has been almost 5 years since you died, and I still think about you and miss you every day. When you died, I almost couldn’t go on, is how I felt. I had to replace you with a new kitty immediately or my heart wouldn’t keep beating. I bought a tiny, black runt kitty named Bodhi from the Humane Society. I think you would have loved him. I know you didn’t like many cats, but you didn’t mind small black ones. Tatiana, we bonded in closest way human and cat can bond, and you moved with me about 15 times. I always wanted to say I’m sorry I didn’t give you a more relaxing life. I was in my 20’s and 30’s and I couldn’t stay put. I was on the run. I put you in some scary situations, like with Jason. I left you for long weekends alone in a small room when you were young. You didn’t socialize well. You only felt safe with me. And the roommates I had when you were a baby. I keep your picture up and sometimes I accidentally call my other pets your name. I still believe I will meet you at the Rainbow bridge when I cross to the other side! I hope you will love our new family with Bodhi and a puppy too. You wouldn’t like her, but you would have adjusted. The evening you died, Valentines Day, was the saddest experience of my life. I couldn’t love anyone but you for a long time. Thank you for being my cat. My first cat.

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