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In Memory of Pastor Don

"Loved ones' lives are like a song...every note rare and precious."

This page has been created to honor the memory and celebrate the life of the late Pastor Don.

You may want to share memories or condolences or simply reflect on his life while listening to peaceful music. This is a time and a place to remember him.

Please select music from the album below, as desired. The song "In the Garden" is especially dedicated to Pastor Don's memory.

"Where words speaks."

Remembering Pastor Don


This memorial tribute has been provided by Carol Wiens Lundborg.

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David Larson
2 years ago

I remember every time I saw Don ….He would say “ Well it is Dave Larson “ How do you do???” I am waiting hear those words again. My answer will be Great!

2 years ago

Don told me of a time in seminary when it was his turn to “practice preach” before all of his co-students and professors. When he got up to “practice preach”, he announced that he was NOT “practicing” but that he felt God had given him a message to share with them. He was always ready to give out God’s Word, even in school!

Carol Wiens Lundborg
2 years ago

A tribute from me, Don’s wife for 54 years, is a privilege and an honor. He was my one true love, always by my side, as we served our Lord and Savior in ministry together. Words that describe his character are inadequate but “godly” is probably the one that best describes him. I love and miss him but rejoice that he is with the Lord, not suffering from dementia anymore, and that we will meet again!

2 years ago

I think I met Don when Carol brought him home to “meet the parents” in Randville, MI. (or was it in the Twin Cities when we came to visit?) Don was very cool and fun to be with. I loved his accordion playing and the duets he sang with Carol. Being close to 10 years old, I was very fascinated with his hobby of flying, wooden model airplanes with gas engines. They were supposed to fly in a circle, held by a string but one time a bystander from Dad’s church experienced a backend collision with the propeller. That had to HURT. Don preached like a fish swims – it was such a natural gift. Even late in life when dementia was increasing, his spiritual antennae enabled him to pray and preach far above his diminishing natural capacity. If I close my eyes, I can easily hear his voice (with Carol) singing Heavenly Love, Down From His Glory, If That Isn’t Love and many other gospel songs. I miss him.

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