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In Memory of Herbert Kuhfuss

"Loved ones' lives are like a song...every note rare and precious."

This page has been created to honor the memory and celebrate the life of the late Herbert Kuhfuss.

You may want to share memories or condolences or simply reflect on his life while listening to peaceful music. This is a time and a place to remember Herbert.

Please select music from the album below, as desired.

"Where words speaks."

Remembering Herbert

This memorial tribute has been provided by Jonathan and Carolyn Kuhfuss.

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Elizabeth Kuhfuss-Beville
2 years ago

Pop Pop was a, usually, serious and devout man who also had a delightful sense of humor. His smile and laugh could brighten a room. I’m grateful for the opportunities we had to share moments of the journey on this side of eternity together. It was my privilege to make chocolate chip cookies for his visits and brush off his teasing for “not brushing my hair” whenever I scrunched it instead of leaving it straight or wavy. I continue to hold the title of “favorite granddaughter” to this day. 😉 May you continue to rest in peace, Pop Pop, and thank you for the legacy you left behind. <3

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