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Finding Comfort through Music 

Music has an ability to transcend cultural, language, and societal barriers.  It has the power to promote wellness for the whole person.  Music is one of the many therapeutic art forms that offers comfort, strength and healing for those who are grieving.  Music also provides the opportunity to reminisce and affirm one's spiritual beliefs.

As you cope with the loss of a loved one, we invite you to listen to the music below.  May it bring you comfort and peace along the way on your grief journey. 

The music is brought to you by the Pathways Center for Grief & Loss, a program of Hospice & Community Care.  The Pathways Center is a free resource to our community, regardless of whether your loved one is or was a hospice patient.  The mission of the Pathways Center is to support and encourage peoples' inherent ability to heal and discern new paths on one's journey through grief, and specializes in helping people cope with serious illness or loss after death.

Quiet Classics (secular)

Eagles Wings (religious)


Wind Beneath My Wings (secular)


Precious Memories (religious)

Online Grief Education & Support

The Pathways Center for Grief & Loss offers online grief education 24/7.  The following Composing Life Out of Loss videos provide education about the grief journey.  What you need.  When you need it.