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In Memory of Fred and Nanette Grove

"Loved ones' lives are like a song...every note rare and precious."

This page has been created to honor the memory and celebrate the lives of the late Fred and Nan Grove.

You may want to share memories or condolences or simply reflect on their lives while listening to peaceful music. This is a time and a place to remember them.

Please select music from the album below, as desired. The song "How Great Thou Art" is especially dedicated to Fred and Nan's memory.

"Where words speaks."

Remembering Fred and Nan

This memorial tribute has been provided by Dean and Linda Ziegler.

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Dean & Linda Ziegler
3 years ago

For some years now, Linda and I have delighted in the clean, warm and sweet piano stylings of professional keyboard artist, Henry Wiens. When we learned of Henry’s project to link his inspiring albums with personalized Memorial Webpages for loved ones, we each wanted to set up a page for our parents. This page is in memory of Linda’s parents, Fred and Nanette (Nan) Grove. I chose a different album to honor my parents and that Memorial Webpage is also available for your listening enjoyment.

We hope you enjoy Henry’s soul-soothing music. Listen as often as you like and feel free to share the website with any other who knew our parents and might enjoy the music and comments on this site. Though our parents have been gone for some years now, we would be pleased if you would write a few lines of remembrance, or share a story that honors them on this page. Write your comments in the “Join the Discussion” box that appears on this page.

I have a second reason for writing this tribute. Not only are Henry and his wife, Lisa, colleagues and friends of ours, but I’m honored to be asked by Henry to provide dedicated background images for each of his seven available album pages – the image that appears behind this type field is one of them.

Linda and I also want you to know that you can create a personalized Memorial Webpage for your loved one(s) by visiting the website (I also need you to know that there is no benefit to me, save the desire for Henry’s music to be even more widely known across the country than it already is. That, and for your loved one(s) to be warmly remembered with the gift of music and a Memorial Webpage dedicated solely to them and their lives.)

Dean & Linda Ziegler

Last edited 3 years ago by Dean & Linda Ziegler
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